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Dive Desk Showcased at Maldives First-Ever Fitness Expo 2019

Dive Desk is proud to be showcased at the first-ever Maldives Fitness Expo 2019, held at National Art Gallery from 19-21 July 2019. To promote scuba diving as a hobby that keeps you physically active, we are also delighted to offer PADI Open Water Diver Course to the lucky draw winner.

Dive Desk thanks the organizers for the chance for our Managing Director and PADI Course Director Adam Ashraf to speak on stage about the health benefits of scuba diving for our physical as well as mental wellbeing.

So many people are naturally drawn to the ocean by the therapeutic nature of water but far too many people are afraid to explore what lies underneath the waves! Scuba diving is good for your body, it’s good for your soul! Among the messages we wanted to give include:

  • Swimming strengthens muscles and builds endurance, the controlled breathing induces a state of calm and relieves stress

  • Meeting people from different backgrounds who share the same interest gives opportunity to make friends and develop your social circle

  • Swimming for an hour non-stop might not feel like a lot while you are entranced by the vibrant marine life of the coral reefs, but scuba diving actually takes a lot out of you, calorie-wise!

  • For scuba divers to move efficiently through water - a medium that is hundreds of times more dense than air, a diver learns to streamline their body by engaging the core, glute and back muscles and kick from the hip, strengthening major muscle groups without feeling the strain of a typical workout.

Thank you to all our PADI Pros and divers who helped out during the event. A big thank you to Dr. Thaumeen and Dr. Wisham for your technical inputs to communicate the physical and mental health benefits of scuba diving.

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