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Dive Desk Joins Reef Check Maldives Network

Dive Desk is delighted to join Reef Check Worldwide in partnership with the environmental non-profit organization Gemana, to train our passionate divers to become citizen scientist volunteers to survey the health of our tropical coral reefs. The program involves becoming Eco-Diver Certified to undertake Reef Check Surveys and collect data for key indicator species critical to save our reefs and oceans. It empowers people to create a sustainable future through education, research and conservation. The data collected from these dives help researchers to improve the way natural resources are managed.

“You would never look at a reef the same way again after being reef check certified. It completely changed the way I interacted with the reef.”

For anyone with a passion for marine science, the Reef Check Eco Diver course gives a great introduction to scientific research in the field.

We encourage all the PADI professionals we train and our divers to connect their passion for ocean adventure with a purpose for marine conservation.

If you are interested to take courses to learn about marine conservation, check out the PADI Specialty Courses we have on offer:

- Dive Against Debris Specialty

- Project AWARE Specialist

- Coral Reef Conservation

- AWARE Shark Conservation

- AWARE Ray Conservation

For more information send us an email or contact Course Director Ashraf in (+960) 7937738.


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