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Best memory of 2019: Rafaal

For Rafaal, a PADI SCUBA Instructor now working at Liquid Salt Divers, Dharavandhoo, Maldives, the best memory of 2019 was...guess where? Yes, UNDERWATER!

Here he recounts the encounter:

"At 14:30 we set out for a dive. We ended up not diving because the region outside Angafaru had 4 whale sharks and some mantas feeding due to the amount of plankton that had gathered there.

I jumped in expecting to have to swim after the sharks. And we did try to catch up with two of them but we ended up with this big boy feeding with his mouth pointed towards the sun. He took massive gulps of plankton nonstop for a good 40 minutes. Best part? For the first 25 or so minutes, it was just me and my divers.

This was the first time I was able to truly observe the anatomy of the biggest fish in the ocean. This shot (taken by @aquanautindia ) was of me returning to the surface after an extended look at the gills and the rakes inside. The little fish nabbing the little copepods that the whale sharks did not manage to capture. I got the chance to dive down to its tail fin, though I have often see the tail and how the slow movement propels them because of their size in previous encounters, this was the first time I was able to get a good look at the anal fin. A fine peek through the gaping mouth as well! With every gulp his body would expand and contract the pectoral fins going up and down. Spinning on its own axis.

While the whale shark did his thing a group of mantas came out of the blue, literally and started going loop-de-loop right under him. Showing off their barrel rolls and back flips, probably going “omnomnomnom”. The moments burned into my memory. It was life, brimming and colorful, in all sizes, having a party because the moon had a phase. 🌚

August 2019  UNESCO Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve Whilst on tour with @liquidsaltdivers


Hussain Rafaal started his PADI journey with Dive Desk from Rescue Diver course and we have seen him through Open Water Instructor Course and specialties courses. Today we are so proud to see him working at a profession that he dearly loves.

Being a dive professional exposes me to the marine life I want to conserve and study. The extended exposure this career path provides prepares me further for when I am a marine biologist.

We hope the new decade will see his dreams come true.

Ambitious, driven young Maldivians committed to making their dreams a reality is what we love to see at Dive Desk! #BeInspired


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