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Dive Desk at 1 Nation Coral Revival Event

Dive Desk is delighted to join efforts with a wide range of stakeholders in marine conservation for the 2-day 1 Nation Coral Revival Event at Villingili, organized by Save the Beach Maldives. A big thank you to our Divemaster Candidates and Divers for putting in the manpower to transplant corals from Male' Atoll Uthuru Thila Falhu, a land reclamation site, to a metal frame installed at Villingili house-reef, helping raise awareness around the human impact on environment as well as rehabilitate degraded reefs around the island.

The weekend festival saw a wide range of stakeholders, from NGOs, dive centers, government organizations, United Nations organizations, media to schools joining in the conservation to find ways to preserve our vulnerable environment, mitigate damages and devise ways to enjoy the underwater habitats without harming the corals and fish.

It was wonderful to see so many nature lovers come together to raise their voices to create awareness on the impact of development and infrastructure projects on our coral reef ecosystems. The event set out to mark the significance of coral reefs to ocean biodiversity, ecosystems and our livelihoods. There is no second Maldives, it is the only one nation we have, and we need our corals systems to survive for us to continue to inhabit these islands we call home.


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