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Dive Desk Adopts Green Fins

Dive Desk is excited to become the first Green Fins Member in Maldives, an international non-profit organization working to protect coral reefs through sustainable tourism. It has only been four months since we opened our PADI five-star Dive Resort, and we happy to be identified as a responsible tourist operator at the outset, and encourage all our divers to adopt eco-friendly diving.

Our Dive Center Managing Director, Dive Instructors and Divemaster Candidates participated in the sessions which highlighted the environmental guidelines devised to protect and conserve coral reefs.

A quarter of all marine life and half a billion people directly depend on coral reefs for survival. Yet, reefs globally are under threat. Green Fins educates and empowers people to reduce pressures on coral reefs by adopting sustainable tourism measures. Together, we can keep our coral reefs healthy and thriving for years to come.

We hope the Green Fins movement will achieve a global impact of reducing harm to the environment during dive operations.


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