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Dive Against Debris at Male' Swimming Track with Clique College

Dive Desk is pleased to collaborate with Clique College for the Dive Against Debris at Male' Swimming Track on 29 September 2017. It is a chance for us to encourage all the PADI professionals in training and our divers to connect their passion for ocean adventure with a purpose for marine conservation. We encourage them to take 'fins on' action for the ocean and tackle ocean threats like marine pollution and habitat destruction.

We must take better care of the oceans to enable the oceans to take care of us.

If you are interested to take courses to learn about marine conservation, check out the PADI Specialty Courses we have on offer:

- Dive Against Debris Specialty

- Project AWARE Specialist

- AWARE Shark Conservation

- AWARE Ray Conservation

- Coral Reef Conservation

Contact us on (+960) 7937738 for more information.


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