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New Training Course Alert: PADI Maldivian Waterfront Lifeguard Specialty Course

We are delighted to introduce a new course to our list of training programs: PADI Maldivian Waterfront Lifeguard Specialty Course! The Maldivian Waterfront Lifeguard training course is a PADI distinctive specialty specifically designed for the Maldives in compliance with Maldivian Laws and Regulations.

The purpose of this training program is to teach students the skills needed to help recognize, prevent and respond to aquatic emergencies and to provide care for breathing and cardiac emergencies, injuries and sudden illnesses until healthcare personnel take over. This includes on-land and in-water rescue skills along with the essential CPR and First Aid skills to ensure people employed as lifeguards at swimming pools, confined water or open water can work individually and as team members and undertake their duties in a professional and customer-focused manner, thus ensuring the safety of the users.

The fact that Maldives is made up of 1% land to 99% water makes it paramount that professionally trained lifeguards are employed to supervise the safety and rescue of swimmers, snorkelers, surfers and other watersports participants. Employing certified lifeguards can reduce the number of drowning accidents, injuries and fatalities, and improve safety records and accountability.

For young people, it is a new opportunity to train specifically as lifeguards, WITHOUT the prerequisite of being certified divers, and a gateway to further enhance and develop safety measures for public swimming areas, resort beaches, pools, etc. Getting certified in the course serves as assurance to the employers of lifeguards' abilities and establishes a standard code of practice.

"It is sad to notice that most of the beaches are left unattended in this popular tourist destination. Some companies use their island security to do lifeguard job but handling an aquatic rescue situation requires a whole new set of skills and experience which they don’t have! It is important to develop a system where trained lifeguards monitor, assess and attend to emergencies in the water. I hope to see young people take up lifeguard as a career and start developing standardized safety systems and protocols across the country" - Adam Ashraf, Owner and Managing Director of Dive Desk

For further information regarding dates for scheduled Maldivian Waterfront Lifeguard courses, or to arrange training for specific dates, please contact us at Scheduled courses are conducted in Male' and students will be certified upon completing all the performance requirements.


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