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Dive-Desk Team Inspires NextGen with Dive Career & Marine Conservation Talk at Dh.Hulhudheli School

Dive Desk Team is honoured to have the incredible opportunity on 18 September to deliver a presentation on career development in diving and marine conservation to the bright and curious students of grades 8, 9, and 10 at Dh. Hulhudheli School. The ocean is the lifeline of this small fishing community, as they rely daily on the ocean for nutrition and income. It is for this reason that our team, led by our esteemed PADI Course Director, Adam Ashraf, was so excited to inspire to the next generation of these ocean-enthusiasts, alternative ocean-related careers, and emphasize the importance of responsible management of our oceans during this #PADIawareweek.

The presentation began with an introduction to scuba diving, showcasing the beauty of the underwater world and the wonders it holds. We highlighted the importance of protecting and preserving marine ecosystems, educating the students about the threats they face and engaging them in discussions about potential solutions.

As the session progressed, Adam Ashraf skillfully delved into the wide range of career opportunities in the field of scuba diving. From becoming a Divemaster to pursuing a profession as a marine researcher, the students were exposed to the myriad paths they could choose to follow in this exciting industry. Team member and PADI instructor Ahmed Mifrah

shared his own personal journey of becoming a PADI Instructor, inspiring the students to dream big and pursue their passions.

Interactive activities were incorporated throughout the presentation, encouraging students to actively participate and ask questions. We were thrilled to witness their enthusiasm as they eagerly shared their own experiences, thoughts, and aspirations. It was evident that their curiosity was piqued, and their minds opened to the possibilities that the scuba diving world offers.

To conclude the presentation, our team emphasized the critical need for environmental conservation and responsible diving practices. We highlighted the significance of sustainable tourism and how the choices each individual makes can have a positive impact on the marine environment.

As we bid farewell to the students of Dh. Hulhudheli School, we left knowing that we had accomplished our goal of planting the seeds of curiosity and passion for scuba diving and marine conservation. We hope that in the near future, some of these bright students will dive into the waters with a newfound appreciation and commitment to preserving the marine life that surrounds us.

A special thank you to Dh. Hulhudheli School and the incredible students for their warm welcome and active participation. We would also like to express our gratitude to Adam Ashraf for sharing his expertise and inspiring the students to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

At DiveDesk, we strongly believe in the power of education and career development. By introducing students to the possibilities within the diving industry, we hope to ignite a passion for scuba diving, marine conservation, and sustainable tourism. Congratulations Mishka and Gais for getting selected in the open water diving course.


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