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A first for Maldives: PADI IDC on a liveaboard safari!

Written by Adam Ashraf, PADI Master SCUBA Instructor and owner of Dive Desk.

I have had the privilege of training young people to professional level diving as part of the Instructor Development trainings in Maldives several times, but the June IDC on a safari has been the BEST EXPERIENCE so far!

The June live-aboard IDC was the first of its kind in Maldives. It not only helped us to isolate from the general public as a group, it provided a lot of benefits for the candidates. Confined water sessions were a giant stride away and travel to open-water dive-sites were convenient. Food was ready on the table on time and the rooms were just a few steps away from the table. It saved a lot of time on logistics. Group studies, dry runs and practice exams were easy to coordinate. Most importantly, candidates got a lot of time to get a proper rest which made it easier for them to handle the stress. Course Director and all staff instructors were always available to clear any doubts that they may have. Very proud of all the candidates for performing so well.

Despite the pandemic restrictions, we've found a way to adapt and persevere; and we have been fortunate enough to complete the programs successfully. It has demanded courage, patience and flexibility from all the participants involved, and a big thanks to you all for bearing with us through it all. So grateful for the extraordinary and continued support from Jumba, Mippu, YD, Aiman, Ifaaz, Zimbe and everyone who contributed to make it happen. I am so grateful to have you guys around me. Thank you to the crew onboard Adventure 2 for the smooth operation. A special thanks to PADI Staff Instructor Chechey and the Captain for being a part of the event. I would like to give a very special credit to my wife and my partner Nadha, without whose support this whole thing wouldn’t even be possible for me. Thank you to PADI and Matt Wenger for the continuous support we receive.

A very special thank you to Mark Soworka for the huge commitment you are giving to develop professional level divers. I am especially grateful that Maldivians, myself included, have the opportunity to learn from the world's most experienced Course Director right here in Maldives. Thanks to everyone who helped make this event a success. Hope to see many more join the fun for the next live-aboard IDC starting on 18 July 2021.

For more information regarding our upcoming IDCMaldives, write to or or call +9607937738.

Happy bubbles!


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