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2019 June Bandos IDC

Dive Desk is happy and proud to be part of the biggest PADI Instructor Development Course held in the Maldives in recent times. Before the Dive Instructor course commenced on 8 June 2019, some of the candidates who opted to do theory revision started with their preparation with us at Dive Desk in Male' on the 3 June. The Instructor Exams were held on 20 and 21 June 2019.

We know that the Divedesk Instructor Candidates are in good hands with PADI Platinum Course Director Mark Soworka of Dive Careers Worldwide. Bandos Island Resort is a fantastic location to have this course and is a wonderful host. Our instructors (Master Instructor Adam Ashraf IDC Staff Instructor Shahfaan Waseem) were keen to expand their dive knowledge and update their teaching techniques to train the future Dive Professionals.

PADI SCUBA Instructors from IDC held by Dive Careers in June 2019 at Bandos Island Resort, Maldives

It means the world to us when you appreciate the work we do, and thank you everyone for the beautiful words. We count ourselves blessed for been given the opportunity to do what we love doing the most, which is to teach diving.

We are especially proud of the team spirit shown by each and everyone of you, supporting each other and learning from each other while thoroughly enjoying yourselves and getting through some very stressful times together! Wishing you all the best in your new careers!! We KNOW you are all built for success!

For professional level of recreational scuba diving or PADI Pro, it is PADI that continues to offer the most opportunities for employment around the world. In Maldives, 80% of the dive market is PADI. Worldwide, three out of four dive professional jobs are PADI. With the scope of job opportunities available, we trust that each of the dive professionals that train with us will prove to be an asset to the industry, whether in Maldives or exploring the world.

We wish all our instructor candidates the best of success in their dive careers.

To check our next IDC dates and to sign up, contact Course Director Ashraf on (+960) 7937738.


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