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2017 September Bandos IDC

We are excited for our first-ever PADI Scuba Instructor Development Course at Bandos Island Resort with the world's biggest PADI-pro training network, and to have the opportunity to learn from the world's most experienced PADI Course Director Mark Soworka. The dive instructor course started on 20 September with Instructor Exams held on 3 & 4 October 2017.

Newly certified PADI SCUBA Instructors from Dive Careers Oct 2017 Maldives IDC at Bandos Island Resort.

We are delighted to see the many our local Divemasters progressing to Dive Instructor rating.

Kudos to all the candidates who put in a lot of effort into making it a 100% successful IDC! We didn't merely share a passion for all things ocean but we created a lot of such memories together to treasure.

For professional level of recreational scuba diving or PADI Pro, it is PADI that continues to offer the most opportunities for employment around the world. In Maldives, 80% of the dive market is PADI. Worldwide, three out of four dive professional jobs are PADI. With the scope of job opportunities available, we trust that each of the dive professionals that train with us will prove to be an asset to the industry, whether in Maldives or exploring the world.

We wish all our instructor candidates the best of success in your dive careers.

For more information on upcoming IDCs and to book your slot, contact Course Director Ashraf on (+960) 7937738.


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