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Dive Desk Facilitates Water Safety Sessions To Galolhu Madharusa Pre-Schoolers in 2019

Maldives is 99% water. According to official statistics, the total area of Maldives is 90,000 square kilometers, of which land area is 300 square kilometers. Maldives consists of more than 1,200 coral islands, each island with an average landmass of two square kilometers, embraced on all sides by the wild blue oceans. Water safety awareness is important for all inhabitants, but to start from an early stage, water safety sessions for children is especially important.

While we advocate to have water safety aspects included in the national curriculum, Dive Desk is happy to facilitate such sessions and count ourselves fortunate to have had at least one such opportunity every year. Among the things we try to impress upon the young minds are:

  1. Always ask permission from parent or care-giver before going in the water. This acts as a reminder for parent/caregiver to always supervise child while in the water.

  2. Always swim with a buddy.

  3. If in trouble while in the water, remain calm, float and raise an arm to signal for help.

A note to parents:

1. Teach your kids to swim. Children are curious by nature and parents are cautious by nature but always nurture their sense of adventure by helping them to develop their skills for the outdoors while reducing risks by having them supervised.

2. All parents should ideally take a course in infant/child first aid and learn resuscitation techniques to better respond when faced with a medical emergency.

At Dive Desk we teach Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR), Secondary Care (First Aid) as well as Care for Children ( designed for those who work with children or likely to respond to emergencies involving youngsters).


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