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Dive Desk Facilitates Water Safety Sessions To Galolhu Madharusa Pre-Schoolers in 2015

Dive Desk is delighted with the opportunity by Galolhu Madharusa to conduct a Water Safety session for the pre-schoolers. Being able to explore and play enables children to develop, grow and learn, and become confident and capable. We applaud the school's initiative to create a safe environment for children to explore even outside of school by providing information on basic safety skills. The earlier you start conversations surrounding basic safety the better, and this needs to be an ongoing conversation.

It was lovely seeing youngsters so keen for knowledge. We hope our talk brought a positive influence on their behavior, from getting motivated to learn swimming, to always wearing a life-jacket on boat even when you know how to swim to many other basic information to help create a safe environment for kids to explore.

Dive Desk thanks the administration for the wonderful opportunity to impart a bit of our knowledge to the kids.


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